To support our growth, Alvier Mechatronics is looking for creative, brilliant talents with a keen sense of partnership and customer satisfaction. At Alvier Mechatronics, nothing is fixed, everything is constantly evolving, so if you are a brave first mover and want to see your ideas put into practice, you are the one. 
The Alvier Mechatronics team consists of a mix of entrepreneurs, ambitioned and enthusiasts, demanding and agile, who enjoy working together to create a common e-Drive story. Alvier Mechatronics believes in management that supports, empowers and enhances skills of its fellow co-workers and the transformation of knowledge.We believe that not possible, doesn’t exist. 

Our strategy: getting things done! We bring together the best in their field. We develop new ideas and together ensure the precision and perfection of innovative e-Drive systems.


Chief Sales Officer

You are creative – so are we! Entrepreneurship is your spirit – it is our heart! You are a brave first mover – come and run with us!

About Alvier Mechatronics 

We are a young and growing spin-off company offering engineering services. Alvier Mechatronics is a place where we play on the green field, we have the freedom to choose and create our story. Your new colleagues are working in Sweden, Germany and the US.

The further development of drive systems for a sustainable future goes far beyond the electric motor. To achieve improved energy usage, faster development times and lower costs, an efficient interaction of motor, power electronics, sensor technology, control strategy and mechanical integration is essential. Not only because challenges drive us but primarily to contribute to a better tomorrow for all.

We offer a collaborative environment, internally and with customers, with high ambitions to offer solutions for complex system development within electrification to continuously strive for more sustainable solutions and for long term customer relationships.


About the position 

The CSO is responsible to come up with creative ideas for growing and meeting the company’s revenue targets. It’s high focus on the automotive field but also other focus areas with electric drive systems will be investigated. As the company is in the growing phase a big portion of the time will be out in the field meeting target customers to grow customer base and network. That’s why you have to enjoy meeting people and travel.


You will be responsible for developing, implementing and reporting on sales strategies for growing the company in our focus areas globally, as we are aiming at being present in Europe, North America and Asia.

You will through participation in Alvier Mechatronics leadership team take part in developing and executing company strategies and goals to develop the company. You will work closely with the technical team in developing value proposition based on customer needs to ensure the right services are offered to the customers.

The responsibility also includes develop marketing plan and execute to help identify and approach customers in the automotive and other target focus areas.


The job: 

  • Customer advocate identifying customer needs
  • Building customer network and revenue stream
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Develop, implement and report on sales strategies linked to company strategy
  • Develop customer quotations
  • Marketing plan and execution
  • Be a part of the Alvier Mechatronics leadership team
  • People management as the team grows

About you: 

  • Established network within automotive with a focus on electrification
  • You enjoy keeping up to date with latest technology
  • You enjoy working with people and building up networks
  • You have an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset and find new ways to create businesses
  • You have an in-depth knowledge and market intelligence about automotive business and current trends and drivers
  • You have a clear communication and have a natural way of structuring the daily work for yourself and your team
  • You enjoy taking initiatives and have an open mindset to grasp opportunities

Job requirements: 

  •  M. Sc. degree or equivalent
  • Fluent English, both written and spoken
  • German skills beneficial
  • > 5+ years experience in Technical Sales in Automotive Industry
  • > 5 years experience of E-drive systems sales and marketing
  • Management skills


Germany preferred but we are open for discussion with the right candidate. Home office or using an existing location in our network pending your location.

Travel 30-60 days per year.


Please submit your application no later than 2022-09-30,

Contact person

Daniel Herven

CEO Alvier Mechatronics

Head of Prototype and Validation

You are creative – we too! Entrepreneurship is your spirit – it is our heart! You are a brave first mover – come and run with us!

About the position:

The Head of Lab and Prototype is responsible for the team execution of assembly and test of systems within the field of high-end electric drives and related applications. The scope includes all aspects of a system such as electronics, eMotors, mechanics and sub-assemblies within the system. You will be responsible for the Alvier Mechatronics lab with all its testing equipment and materials. An important aspect of this role is to build and maintain a strong network with external partners to cover the growth need of Alvier Mechatronics and to support external projects with end-users and customers globally as well as internal development project.

You will have a close collaboration with the System Simulation team striving towards fully validated system simulations through a digital twin.


The job:

  • People management of white and blue color team with approximately 5 employees
  • Be a part of the R&D leadership team
  • Plan long term needs for the laboratory, including external resources
  • Formulating long- and short -term test capability together with CTO and CEO
  • Create and maintain partnerships for support of external test and assembly needs
  • Handle budgets and resource planning
  • Estimate cost and resources for projects
  • Regular scouting for new technologies
  • Create starter kits that enables easy trials for internal needs and for customers
  • Responsible for quality of prototypes and customer handovers
  • Assess and regularly report status of on-going activities and key measurables.
  • Understand relevant test standards and be able to implement validation accordingly
  • Customer support and interaction

About you:

  • You enjoy working with people and have high team building skills.
  • You have a clear communication and have a natural way of structuring the daily work for yourself and your team.
  • You have an innovative mindset and find new ways to create solutions
  • You enjoy taking initiatives and have an open mindset
  • You enjoy keeping up to date with latest technology and share it
  • Good knowledge and experience from prototyping and testing, preferably from the automotive industry

Job requirements:

  • Degree in MSc or equivalent.
  • Fluent English, both written and spoken
  • > 5 years’ experience in R&D / Technology in Automotive Industry
  • > 5 years’ experience of prototype and validation experience, preferably from automotive
  • Management / team lead skills


Hybrid office: Office in Helsingborg and Höganäs and remote, travel 20-30 days per year.



Please submit your application no later than 2022-09-30


Contact person

Alexandra Nafari

CTO Alvier Mechatronics

Mechanical Engineer, Electrification concept development

You are creative – we too! Entrepreneurship os your spirit – it is our heart! You are a brave first mover – come and run with us!

About the position:

As Mechanical Engineer for electrification concepts you will be part of our energetic tech team that develops the next generation products for high-end electric vehicle drivetrains and related applications, from concept idea to a working prototype. This is your chance to try your ideas.

Your overall responsibilities will be to bring together the mechanical system design and lead the integration towards a concept prototype including eMotors and electronics, transmission, thermal management, and full integration into the intended environment.

As a member of the Alvier Mechatronics tech team, you will contribute to our service portfolio, scout for new technology and work in an interdisciplinary team with colleagues, partners, and customers.


In this position you will work with a variety of different assignments, for example:

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • 3D modelling and 2D drawings on all parts, geometric dimensioning, and tolerances
  • Supporting component procurement for mechanical parts
  • Design with regards to Noise (NVH)
  • Design FMEA and risk analysis
  • Practical work with interfacing systems such as integration of cable harness etc.
  • Design of sealing systems, incl. for rotational systems
  • Monitor industry standards for relevant areas
  • Create project result documentation and customer reports
  • Internal and external interfaces and contacts
  • Drive new concepts through a cross functional team with regards to mechanical integration
  • You have the freedom to lead the way of work and set the structure and processes needed

About you: 

  • You enjoy taking initiatives and love to engineer, design and build mechanical systems that fit the purpose with a creative approach.
  • You have an innovative mindset and find new ways to create solutions.
  • You like to work in a project environment with high pace and embrace fast changes.
  • You have good knowledge and experience from industrialization of concepts, preferably from the automotive industry
  • You thrive in a cooperative team environment and have a natural way of collaborating in cross functional teams
  • Enjoy keeping up to date with current and future applicable technology

Job requirements essentials: 

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • > 5 years’ experience from engineering, preferably from the automotive industry
  • > 5 years’ experience of mechanical system development of electric drive modules
  • Experience from mechanical integration of sub-systems incl. eMotor, Electronics, sensors, etc.
  • Experience from design software for ex. Creo and SolidWorks
  • Language skills: Mandatory; English

Job requirements desirable:

  • Experience with customer interaction for example OEM’s.
  • Familiar with vehicle system requirements incl. relevant standards
  • Experience of dimensioning of drivetrain parts
  • It’s an advantage if you have experience with mechanical design of electronics
  • Language skills: beneficial German or Swedish


Hybrid office: Remote with possibility to work in office in Helsingborg, Düsseldorf and Newcastle. Travel up to 20-30 days per year.



Please submit your application no later than August 30, 2022.


Contact person

Alexandra Nafari

CTO Alvier Mechatronics

Senior Application Specialist Electric Machine Design

Are you interested in the grand challenge of electrifying transport and society and want to apply, explore, and expand your abilities, experience and knowledge in the design of innovative electric machine and electrified drive train concepts?

About the position:

This position is within the Alvier Mechatronics System Simulation Team – a team responsible for the design, modelling, and simulations of electromagnetic applications from all technical aspects.

As a Senior Application Specialist Electric Machine Design, you will be a key member of a collaborative multi-disciplinary team designing and developing electrical drive systems including novel high-speed, high-efficiency radial flux motors and high-torque axial flux motors.

In this role, you will explore innovative concepts using 3DFE and analytical techniques to design and simulate electromagnetic applications with focus on electric machines. The concepts will be based on newly developed, innovative Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) or a combination of SMC and laminations feeding into the next generation of electrified automotive applications.

You will develop tools, equipment and work methods for the design, simulation and validation of electromagnetic applications as well as participate in the validation of the theoretical simulations on prototypes in a test-lab environment.

You will use high-end design and simulation tools such as ANSYS Maxwell and JMAG, MotorCAD as well as internally developed modelling scripts. For optimisation of electric drive systems, you also need a general knowledge and awareness of the mechanical and thermal aspects of electrical machines and an understanding of electric drives and their control.

Alvier Mechatronics is a global company which means that travelling will occur up to 30 days per year. The location for this position is flexible depending on where you live, no matter where that is you will have great colleagues and opportunity to meet on a regular basis.


About you: 

  • You hold a PhD degree or equivalent in electric machine design and have experience from qualified electromagnetic design work from industrial research-based projects. It is desirable if you have experience of CAD modelling in packages such as SolidWorks as well as high level simulation packages such as Matlab, Simulink as well as VB scripting and/or Python.
  • You demonstrate strong interpersonal and team-working skills from experience of working in projects with multiple partners. We value a personal drive to plan, collaborate, adapt, and complete successful development projects and the ability to work autonomously.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English – both written and spoken and will support junior colleagues in their individual technical development.
  • You have a clear understanding of electrical machine design and a solid understanding of 3D computational electromagnetics with a proficiency in 3D electromagnetic simulations with tools such as ANSYS Maxwell, JMAG or similar. You also possess general knowledge in mechanical and thermal design as well as power electronics and their control.
  • Within your field of expertise, you will act as the technical expert link between Alvier Mechatronics and the providers of the simulation software. You will contribute to secure uniqueness by patents where applicable.
  • It is desirable if you have experience from construction of electric machines as well as testing and experimental analysis of electrical machines and drives.


Please submit your application no later than 30 of September 2022.


Contact person

Lars Sjöberg

Application Engineering Manager


Then send us your application directly with a detailed resume to