Our work focuses on the development and simulation of electric and hybrid drive systems as well as intelligent solutions for energy conversion. We offer service engineering with added value. This means: We develop highly efficient functions for high-frequency motors individually tailored to your needs. We develop these solutions in best time with system design, simulation expertise, speed and passion.


Simulation models of the complete engine and electronics functions support decision-making processes in advance of prototype production and physical tests. This makes it possible to design future product and operating costs as efficiently as possible.


Digital Twin

In the development of our edrive solutions, we consistently rely on digital twins: This allows us to carry out realistic simulations as well as detect errors in the development phase - and without having to create expensive prototypes.

Via the digital twin, we can:  

  • Simulate system interactions of the engine and housing in advance.  
  • Test different materials such as laminated steel or SMC 


With Digital Twins, prototype development and validation succeeds in best time and at an efficient price-performance ratio.

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